youth activities






Please recycle Aluminum cans to raise funds for our Youth Group!! Please bring them the first Sunday of the month. Cans may be left in the narthex by the blue recycling can near the back door.


Youth/Adult Mission Trip to Canada is July 14-22. We are now FULL (15 pp.). We absolutely need your support!!! Any financial donations to help with transportation & gas cards for Shell and or/Mobil/Exxon will be appreciated, especially MANNA certificates!!


Youth: We need your help for the 4th of July Parade Float!!

We need walkers and people to help with the Float.

We will gather 9 a.m. near the intersection of Mayfair and Dorches-ter (we do not know our Float # yet) to put bunting on the float and get ready—please let Pastor Joe know you are coming to help!!

**We will finish working on the Float Tuesday, June 27—4 p.m. at Pastor Mills’ home

We will build it on the following dates:

Car Washes– today (during the Picnic– support our Youth Group), July 30 & August 20