Westchester Community Church is a part of the United Church of Christ


Our Westchester Community Church worships every Sunday at 10:00am.

No matter who you are or where you are along life's journey, YOU are welcome here!!

We honor a basic philosophy:  Christians Caring, Sharing, and Living.

We take the Bible seriously while not taking it literally.

We absolutely affirm that "God is Still Speaking" and Doing New Things.

We celebrate being part of the United Church of Christ, where congregations are given the freedom and the responsibility to live together in covenant.

Ours is intentionally a "community" based church, caring about our immediate and nearby community. We are open and multi-cultural and multi-generational'

We seek to grow in faith through worship, service, and prayer, and celebrate anyone who asks the deep questions of faith, meaning and life.

We welcome all people, exclude no one, and especially reach out to those who have been denied room elsewhere.

We serve to bring the entire Body of Christ together as ONE!!!

Pastor Joseph Mills has been our pastor for over 22 years, and is deeply respected in our community and in our wider church.  He is very open to non-member pastoral care, and willing to provide pastoral services - baptisms, weddings, and funerals - to any person.

To contact him, call the church office at 708.865.1282, or email the church office at westcomchurch@hotmail.com





Music is a great ministry for people of all ages and cultures and we provide music in the form of choir singing,
bell choir performances, interactive hymnal singing, special guest music performers and soon, youth choir &
senior choir concerts.



Our mission is to serve God and our community, as we have done since 1954


To be a force of salvation and godly service to our congregation and community.


We believe in the values set forth in the word of God relative to God requirement

Tamil congregation


Our partner church is the Tamil United Church of Christ, services are held each Sunday in our sanctuary at 1:30:pm with the Rev. Ebenezer G. P. Perinbaraj.





We believe that Christ died for our sins.

Christ has come, that man should have life and life more abundantly just as this
appears in God's word. We believe that it is faith in Christ by which we are saved.