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A United Church of Christ

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“No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s

journey, you are welcome here!”



February 18, 2018                                                                      10:00 a.m.

Welcome on behalf of our pastoral staff

Rev. Joseph E. Mills, III, Pastor 708/562-0759

                                                   Joyce Kelstrom, Bell Choir Director                           

Michael Cantrell, Music Director

Rev. Ebenezer G. P. Perinbaraj, Pastor Chicago Tamil Church


Thank you for joining us this morning! If you want to learn about membership

at Westchester Community, or would like a pastoral visit, please

make note of it on the green visitor cards in the pew racks in each pew.


USHERS:                       Bob VonLaven, Bruce Urbans, Otis Randle, Carol Hoppe, Bob Hempel, Jeff Markey

GREETERS:              Alice and Allen Meskan

LITURGIST:              Dorothy Randle

PASTOR:                    Rev. Joseph E. Mills, III

ATAR FLOWERS: In honor of the Sanek’s Anniversary


INTERNET ACCESS You can access us, and our latest newsletter, at

Any questions? Email Carl Lindstrom at


At The End Of Each Pew Is A Red Folder – please sign your name, and let us know if you are a visitor, or a member. We re-spond to all pastoral needs, and would love to have you on our newsletter list. Leave your address, phone number, or update.


HELP US DO A BETTER JOB WITH PRAYER REQUESTS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS:  There are cards for you to write down prayer requests and announcements, if they are immediate please give them to Pastor Joe or one of the ushers, or drop them in the offering plate.  Thank you



(approved at our Annual Meeting, January 22nd)

As disciples of Jesus, living by God’s grace and growing spiritually, we are committed: To Worship, Pray, and Honor the Living Word of God; To Welcome, Love, and Respect all of God’s People; To Choose Tolerance, Reject Prejudice, and Support Diversity; and To Care for, Respond to, and Serve our Neighbors in Need





“During these 40 days, let me put away all my pride. Let me change my heart and give up all that is not good within me. Let me love God with all that I am and all that I have.” – Genesis Grain


PRELUDE                                                                                                        Michael Cantrell


GREETINGS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                    Dorothy Randle


A GATHERING PRAYER                                                                               Pastor Mills


INTROIT WCC                                                                                                 Bell Choir

“Doxology “

“Be Thou My Vision “


*A HYMN POINTING US TOWARD THE LORD                                         #384

“Rock of Ages”

*CALL TO WORSHIP (in unison)                                                                    Dorothy Randle

Leader:         Help me walk as a Child of the Light -

People:                To be able to be seen—

                            in the night, and in the light

                            as a faithful steward of Christianity.

Leader:         Help me face Your Light, O Loving God,

People:                Never being afraid of exposing what needs to change;

                            never being afraid of learning who I can be when Your Light shines through me.

Leader:         “I want to walk as a Child of the Light.






A READING FROM GOD’S HOLY WORD                                                 Dorothy Randle

From the Gospel: Genesis 9: 8-17                                                                     p. 7 OT, Pew Bible

                                                                                                                             p. 11, OT, Large Print



Glory be to the Father, and to the Son,

and to the Holy Ghost.

as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,

world without end. Amen, Amen.


“Looking for Rainbows”

A HYMN GUIDING US IN PRAYER                                                              #405

“My Hope is Built on Nothing Less”


PRAYERS OF GOD’S PEOPLE                                                                      Pastor Mills

THE LORD’S PRAYER (Please Use Debts/Debtors)



(We will have a second set of baskets today for Coins for Camp,

Where we give change and what we choose to give to help

Our children and youth in need attend our UCC Church Camps.

Please give generously!)


OFFERTORY                                                                                                   WCC Chancel Choir

“Every Valley” - Bernadette Ferrell


*THE DOXOLOGY                                                                                          #34

Praise God from whom all blessings flow;

Praise Him, all creatures here below;

Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.


*PRAYER OF DEDICATION (In Unison)                                                       Dorothy Randle

              God allows us to be like angels: sending messages of Grace from God, and mending lives by being faithful healers in love. This is why our gifts are important, because they let the world know that we side with God—and we want God’s Truth to be known in every part of our church. Bless these gifts for Your Sake, O Lord, through Christ Jesus our Lord.



READING FROM GOD’S HOLY WORD                                                       Dorothy Randle

From the Gospe1: Mark 1: 9-15                                                                           p. 33, NT, Pew Bible

                                                                                                                               p. 48, NT, Large Print

MEDITATION                                                                                                     Pastor Mills

“The Light Night of the Soul” (re-thinking crisis)


*A HYMN OF FAITHFUL DIRECTION                                                           #560

“I Love To Tell the Story”




POSTLUDE                                                                                                            Michael Cantrell

+ + + + + +


+Large print Bibles, bulletins and hymnals available

*Please Rise where this is marked.


UPCOMING LENTEN ACTIVITIES: There will be 2 pot-lucks: Wed. February 28th—we will have a speaker from Heifer Interna-tional and Wed. March 14—Roger Dart from the CMA will speak about disaster relief. Come, bring an item to share, and celebrate with us!!


WCC Annual Ski Trip will be held on Saturday, February 24th at The Mountain Top at Grand Geneva. We will meet here at WCC around 8 am and carpool or meet us there. Skiing or snow-boarding and lift ticket $39, ski or snowboard rental $15 and hel-met rental $5. Please call the church office for payment and rental forms 708/865-1282. All are Welcome!


Are you interested in helping with our Maundy Thursday play? If so, please let Pastor Mills know. Thank you!!


GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR AND HELP OUR CHURCH!! Buy a Gift Card and a percentage of goes to help our church for outside painting!! Manna order blanks are available in the church office or narthex. Make checks payable to WCC. ORDERS WILL BE DUE ON THE LAST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH AND DISTRIBUTED THE 2ND SUNDAY OF THE FOL-LOWING MONTH. If you have questions, please call Sue Be-cerra in the church office 708/865-1282 or Charlene Dolnics 708/345-1816.


Birthdays through February 25

02/18     Nancy Carberry, Joanne Milo, Victor Marrero, Kevin Frazier

02/19     George Nelson

02/20     Robert VonLaven

02/22     Jacob Biberstein

02/24     Calvin More, Tiffany Goodloe

02/25     William Lietzow


Anniversaries through February 25

02/20     Joe and Joan Sanek, 64 years



The Wednesday Bible Study meets each Wednesday, 9:30 am, at Mariner Health (in the back of the facility/Transitions room)

Faith Conversations meets the first and third Sunday of the month. Its easy to join in—each session stands on its own!!


KNITTING AND CROCHETING FOR MISSION AND FUN!! Sassy Stitchers meets in our library the third Monday every month 7 p.m. Come out to knit and crochet. Lessons and projects are offered.



PEOPLE AT THEIR HOMES: Marcia Burba, Kim Powers, Joan Sanek, Bob Triska, Jeannie Rowe, Charles Marinier, Susan Ruiz, Sandra Hixson, Betsy Grimm, Carmella Locigno, Ann McCarthy, Jan Finnigan, James Tsilivis, Cathe and Aneitra Flynn, Gloria Dearmore, Benny Locigno, Rich Kasey, Elayne Dalheim, Milton and Patricia Ladner, Sandra Fulco, Michael Kelstrom, Louella Kec, Eva Poulos, Ruth Edelmann, Sean Tavernier




PEOPLE AT LONG-TERM CARE FACILITIES: Lucille Jeffries—Nursing Center at Cantata; Ann Stvan—Bridgeway Christian Village, Dick Widick-Saratoga Grove; Steve Tom-porowski – Wisconsin; Terry Samonds: Anna’s Health-care; Ann Miller—Bethlehem Woods; Donna Wright- Rosewood; Richard Schwartz-Beacon Hill; Sonja Stetzer—Meadowbrook


FRIENDS TO KEEP IN PRAYERS: Jaye Ahoyt, Denise Ayala, Hillary Belejung, Ele Blankenship, Sherry Craver, Mary Devery, Stacie Donnelly, Gerri Eck, Joe Ender, Logan Erne, An-gie Falasz, Adam Garrett, Nicole Gavin, Linda Gibbony, Herman Goodloe, Doug Hall, Ken Hall, Hans & Ruth Hermann, Holly Hiller, Ed Hirsch, Erin Hoffman, Karen Kaspar, David Kerns, Donna Kinowski, Alvin Klein, Ernst Kniesel, Janice Kostka, Lavonis, Brent Lawrence, Virginia Linzmeier, Brian McKnight, Melody Nance, Andrew Olson & Family, Gail Russell, Richard Russell, Lois Santerior, Patricia Savage, Rev. Neil Schoffner, Serena and Chris, David Shea, Mary Sugarman, Phil Swanson, Gwen Toombs, Vanessa, Augie and Diane Zimmerman


PEOPLE HOSPITALIZED: Marge Wanielista—in hospice at Lexington Elmhurst Nursing, Joe Sanek—Manor Care, West-mont, Shirley Felske—Cantata Nursing, Brookfield


And special prayers to the people of Parkland, Florida in the loss of so many wonderful young people and their teachers. May God surround them with grace.


If you or a friend need a Pocket Prayer will find them in the narthex in a basket on the table by the greeters.




9:15 am             Choir Practice

10:00 am           Worship

11:30 am           Faith Conversations

12:30 pm           Chicago Tamil Church


6:00 pm             Zumba

7:00 pm             Sassy Stitchers


7:00 pm             Cub Scouts


9:30 am             Bible Study

12:30 pm           MID meeting with Diane Ollie Coleman

7:00 pm             Transitions

7:00 pm             Boy Scouts


1:30 pm             Pastor and Diane Ollie Coleman mentoring

6:00 pm             Girl Scouts

7:00 pm             Pranic Healing


7:00 pm             Youth Fun Event—be here by 7 p.m.

8:30 pm             AA


8:30 am             Bell Choir Practice

9:00 am             Ski Trip

9am-5pm           Deborah’s Messianic Ministries—1st Floor

Sunday:            Second Sunday in Lent

10:00 am           Worship

11:30 am           Confirmation

12:30 pm           Chicago Tamil Church


Our next Fish Fry will be held on March 2, 4:30—7:00 pm. Please plan on attending, and bring a friend. We still need help. Thanks.


Help our Westchester Food Pantry and St. John UCC’s Food

Pantry. Any food helps—but they especially need Spaghetti Sauce and Peanut Butter.


Please save Marie Calendar and Edwards frozen pie coupons, we can use them for the Fish Fry. Please give to Betty Koenig or drop them off at the church office. Thanks


WCC card makers have an assortment of handmade greeting cards available in the Narthex for you to send to church members and friends who may need a cheery note. There is a free will do-nation box. Proceeds help to purchase supplies and are also do-nated to special mission projects.


SAVE THE DATE: The Music Board will hold their 2nd Annual Fellowship Concert Music Extravaganza! Sunday, March 18th at 3:30 p.m. The concert will feature Corinthians Missionary Bap-tist Church directed by Leon Malone, Kids After Curfew, and much more. More details to follow.


Grace Lutheran Church Spaghetti Dinner will be held on Saturday March 10 4-7 pm. Details to follow..


SAVE THE DATE: The Music Board will hold their 2nd An-nual Fellowship Concert Music Extravaganza! Sunday, March 18th at 3:30 p.m. You will not want to miss this free event. The concert will feature Corinthians Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago Tamil Church Adult Choir and their Children's Instrumental Group, Our Bell Choir and Adult Choir, Kids After Curfew, Violinist CeeCee Randle and Ms. Hempel, Flautist Madysen Barker, Anna Marousek, Shannen McGinn, and Lisa Goethe-McGinn, and Saxophonist Danny McGinn. After the concert we will have a social hour with refreshments in the Field Fellowship Hall. Please invite your family and friends and plan to attend this afternoon of gospel, praise and classical music.


Pastor Joe is with other Westchester residents in the St. Louise deMarillac production of The Little Mermaid February 9-11 and 16-18. Fridays and Saturdays are at 7 p.m.; Sundays at 2 p.m. (cost $13 adults; $11 seniors; $7 for children 12 and under) - Pur-chase tickets through St. Louise is at 1125 Harrison/31st St. LaGrange Park. .


St. John’s food pantry is in need of plastic grocery bags. Please save them and put them in the box in the Narthex or give them to Elaine Hempel or the Church Office. Thanks

Bring food for St. Johns church, our church and Westchester Food Pantry. We also need personal products such as liquid soap for the Fisher House for Vets, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, shaving cream, lip gloss, etc. for the men and women at Hines VA Hospital and the women’s and children’s shelter. Boxes are in the back of the church for these items.

Thanks, Your Mission Board


Save the dates: Scrapbooking and Cardmaking will be on Saturday, January 20th, February 17, March 24 and April 21. Scrapbooking is from 9:00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m. Cost is $30 which includes snacks, lunch and dinner. Bring your pictures, paper, and scrapbooks,...we have all the tools to make beautiful pages. Cardmaking is from 10:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. Cost is $5 which includes lunch. Come out and make cards for the soldiers and to sell. Contact Barb 708-562-0759 or Linda 630-849-7722 if you can join us.


Why is this little flower so sad? No orders for the Plant Sale yet. Last day to order March 16th! Youth Group Plant Sale order forms are available in the Narthex. Orders and payment are due on March 16th. Plant Sale pickup will be on Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13. Please look over the plant list and decide what you will order, our prices have re-mained the same for several years. Turn orders in to Sue Becerra or the church office. Questions? Please call the church office 708/865-1282.



Westchester Community Church, United Church of Christ

1840 Westchester Boulevard

Westchester, IL 60154





Reverend Joseph E. Mills, III                      Pastor

Peggy Boswell                                                Church Moderator

Carol Hoppe                                                  Asst. Church Moderator

Susan Becerra                                                Church Secretary

Wayne Miller                                                 Custodian

Michael Cantrell                                            Organist/Choir Director

Joyce Kelstrom                                                  Bell Choir Director

Carl Lindstrom                                              Website Manager


Pastoral Staff Serving Next Week, February 25


USHERS:         Hans Straube, Mary Straube, Betty Koenig, Kathy Marinier, Mary Linville

GREETERS:    Denice Kaminski & Wayne Scharlach

LITURGIST:    Cathe Flynn

PASTOR:         Rev. Joseph E. Mills, III


Parish Fellowship has note cards for sale, that have a drawing of our church designed by Hedy Kniesel. They are packaged in bundles of 10 cards with envelopes. The cost is $4.00, please drop your check or cash in the offering plate marked Parish Fellowship note cards. Thanks