The power of prayer is awesome and immeasurable. It brings God close to us so we can listen. To heal physical and spiritual hurts, to bring insight, to place one's burdens in God's hands, trust them to God's keeping, to be comforted, to give joyful thanks. 



We grieve in the death of long-time member Sandra Scheffel. A memorial is planned in Arizona; there will also be one held here at a future date. Please keep husband Ken, Steve and Kim, and the entire family in your prayers.


We also grieve in the death of Hank Marczuk; keep the entire family in your prayers.


Lastly we grieve with Melanie Miller in the death of her birth father Steven Miller.




PEOPLE AT THEIR HOMES: Benny Locigno, Craig Ma-rousek, Maris Kolb, Pastor Godwin Raj, Dick Widick, Ken Scheffel, Rich Kasey, Kim Powers, Elayne Dalheim, Larry Gor-ski, Martha Tressler, George Nelson, Milton and Patricia Ladner, Jim Wagner, Sandra Fulco, Michael Kelstrom, Louella Kec, Eva Poulos, Ruth Edelmann, Sean



IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN: Jay Mills, Scott Johnson


PEOPLE AT LONG-TERM CARE FACILITIES: Lucille Jeffries—Nursing Center at Cantata; Ann Stvan—Bridgeway Christian Village, Dick Widick-Saratoga Grove; Steve Tom-porowski – Wisconsin; Terry Samonds: Anna’s Health-care; Ann Miller—Bethlehem Woods; Marge Wanielista-Lexington Elm-hurst; Donna Wright- Rosewood; Richard Schwartz-Beacon Hill


FRIENDS TO KEEP IN PRAYERS: Mary Kay Baca , Hillary Belejung, Sherry Craver, Mary Devery, Stacie Donnelly, Gerri Eck, Logan Erne, Angie Falasz, Gerri Eck, Linda Gibbony, Doug Hall, Ken Hall, Holly Hiller, Ernst Kniesel, Lavonis and family, Brent Lawrence, Virginia Linzmeier, Bob McCabe, Deb-bie Monsen, Melody Nance, Richard Russell, Rev. Neil Schoff-ner, Serena and Chris, Mary Sugarman, Gwen Toombs, Vanessa, the Zein family in the death of their 8 yr old daughter Saja, Augie and Diane Zimmerman


PEOPLE HOSPITALIZED: Betsy Grimm—Room 301 Park Place, Elmhurst (630/936-4588); Marcia Burba (Burgess Square)

New address for Gloria Dearmore: 4628 S. Winsor Dr., Battle-field, MO 65619-8309