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Westchester ucc membership

Westchester Community Church is open for membership for those who are seeking Christ, already have Christ, or are simply seeking spiritual enlightenment. We are active is our community and are an interactive church. We encourage active participation.

Sunday Worship services begin at 10:00 am and are open for families, individuals, children and all those who are seeking Christ.

sunday mornings

Sunday mornings at Westchester UCC is an active, open, interactive experience. We encourage congregational participation through hymnals, prayers, prayer request and community updates.

Sunday Worship services begin at 10:00 am and are open for families, individuals, children and all those who are seeking Christ.

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First Steps for the Journey at Westchester ucc



Come Visit: We invite anyone and everyone to come and visit our church. Our doors are open to all desire a relationsip with Christ. Enjoy the word of God in a no pressure, no obligation environment where you can meet new people, take part in our activities and get to know our church..


Fellowship:. All visitors are welcome to fellowship with us as often as possible as we take pride in engaging everyone that comes into our santuary. We are firm believers in fellowship with our fellow members as well as those looking to become members at any time in the future.


Membership: Westchester Community Church accepts memberships from people of all walks of life including all cultures, all races, all ages and all diversities. When you are accepted as a WCC church member, you become a member of  our church family from day one.


Stewartship:, Westchester UCC invites all members to assist in our service to God by volunteering time, talent, services and/or financial support as we strive to keep our church functional, set a good example in the community and provide services within the community as needed.



getting connected


Testimonies of faith rather than tests of faith. Because faith can be expressed in many different ways, the United Church of Christ has no formula that is a test of faith. Down through the centuries, however, Christians have shared their faith with one another through creeds, confessions, catechisms and other statements of faith.

Historic statements such as the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed, the Heidelberg Catechism, the Evangelical Catechism, the Augsburg Confession, the Cambridge Platform and the Kansas City Statement of Faith are valued in our church as authentic testimonies of faith.

In 1959, the General Synod of the United Church of Christ adopted a Statement of Faith prepared especially for congregations of the United Church. Many of us use this statement as a common affirmation of faith in worship and as a basis for study