New Members Sunday

June 11,2017

Being Introduced as a New Member of the Westchester Community Church UCC is:


Rev. Frank and Patricia Singletary 1111 Suffolk Ave., Westchester IL, their phone number is 708/345-2215. Frank’s birthday is August 31 and Patricia’s birthday is July 22 and their anniversary in June 21, 1997. Email Their sponsors are: Carol Hoppe and Tommy and Marge Nelson


Noreen Love and Shirley Patton 1630 Hawthorne Ave., Westchester IL, their phone number is 708/562-6989. Noreen’s birthday is March 19 and Shirley’s birthday is March 13 and their anniversary in May 22, 1999.

Email Their sponsors are: Jean Stanger and Dorothy Malczewski


Representing the Board of Deacons is Lauren McCarthy, and Carol Hoppe the Board of Parish Fellowship, Helga Men-doza.




The Westchester Community Church

A United Church of Christ

Celebrating Over 60 years of Faithfulness to God!!



The        Invitation And Sentences

The        Questions Of The Candidates

The        Welcome And Reception

The        Greeting (In Unison)

We celebrate as our church grows. You are a gift, sent to us by God. We pray God’s blessings to be upon You, empowering you always to do faithful ministry. And we pray that You will teach us, by prayer and by example, to help our church to grow in Your Spirit and in Your Love. May you ex-perience an honest welcoming that comes from our trust in You, and with You may others come to know God through our minis-try together. Through Jesus our Lord we pray this. Amen.


Please feel free to come visit our congregation. For information on how to join, please call our office at 708-865-1282